Shuddering climax

Festa Major reached its orgasmic climax last night as the various dance, correfoc and processional collas converged on the Baluard to join the castellers of the Jove who did our pilar de 4  while the fireworks went utterly mental and all the gralles  played their final tunes.  Difficult for it not to be an emotional moment, utterly intense, quite deafening and very humbling to be a part of it, even if it was just helping to support Joan’s right leg; someone had to do it.  That’s the magic of Festa Major – everyone has a little part to play to make the whole thing as awesome as it undoubtedly is.

Pretty much back to normal today.  Work this morning of course and I went out at lunchtime into another sizzling summer’s day.  A bit out of inspiration and with no desire to do anything particularly challenging, I did a vanilla run along the Paseo and back.  Kept up the pace a bit and enjoyed the slightly cooler headwind on the return leg.

5km, 24:32.

661km remaining.

(Devon-based Briton tribes are driven to the coast by king Cenwalh of Wessex; Shi’as and Sunnis can’t agree on who succeeds Ali-ibn Ali Tabib, the first Shi’a imam who is assassinated at Kufa; the Umayyad Caliphate is founded in Damascus; under empress Saimei, Japan invades Kyushu)



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