We had the first Festa Major practice in the Palau last night – lovely evening with lots of hard work and a huge crowd (well, as huge as you get into half the Palau courtyard) providing applause and a bit of help in the pinya.

Today, for me anyway, the real FM stuff starts with the procession of the gralles with each colla doing their turn in Cap de la Vila while the town watch and wave their straw hats at them.  Alas I’m working today but took the chance when out for my run to get as close to CdlV as possible and heard the pipes and drums as I gradually got closer.  Ran down Calle San Sebastian after that and up towards the Ajuntament, almost breaking my ankle on the cobbles but righting myself just in time.  There were more collas finishing their route at the Plaça del Ajuntament and I squeezed through to go down through to the Baluard and out along the Paseo to make up the distance before turning for home.

Another belting day here.  We have a performance at Cap de la Vila at 6 and I hope it cools down a bit before then!

5km, 26:50.

673km remaining.

(Childeric II becomes sole king of the Frankish kingdom after Burgundian nobles invite him to become king of Neustria and Burgundy; Visigoth king Wamba puts down a revolt by Hilderic of Nimes and his ilk – the rebel leaders are imprisoned for life after being scalped (yeuch))


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