Drawing in a bit

Up and out into the early morning light, the sun not yet fully risen.  Another nice day though, bright and dry and warmish.

Left on Prinsengracht and over Brouwersgracht to Haarlemmer Houttuinen and Tussen de Bogen (between the bogies?) Then under the tracks to Planciusstraat, Houtmankade and van Diemenstraat.  Alongside the IJ with the sun just starting to peek over the buildings of north Amsterdam over the water.  Behind CS and through the foot/bike tunnel, over Stationsplein to Spuistraat and right to the Singel, Blauburgwal and so on to get home.

5km, 27:35.

702km left.

(Byzantine-supported Armenian rebellion against Muslim rule; Musa ibn-Nusayr takes control of all Morocco; K’inich K’an Joy Chitam II succeeds his brother B’alam on his death, after an 18 year reign of Palenque (southern Mexico, Maya city state))


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