On tiptoes through Tredos


Already awake long before 8, slowly fumbled around and got the gear on, out into a much warmer morning after a beautiful day yesterday.

Up to Salardu then down the hill next to la Caixa and along the footpath which we discovered a couple of days ago that gradually converges with La Garona and enters the bottom part of Tredos.  Up through the sleepy rabbit-warren village streets (had to walk a bit of it, soooo steep) and accidentally missed the exit to the main road, instead coming out at the church right at the top of the town.  Dropped back down to the exit and ran up the main road (easy peasy after the seemingly vertical cobbled streets) to the turning point to make it a 6k run.  Back down the hill to Salardu and the hotel to tag Sarah for her morning run (she’s also been every morning while we’ve been here).

6km, 33:56.

731km to go.

(Moorish governor of Cerdanya rebels against the Umayyads but is defeated and executed at Urgell; Millau and Arles raided by Septimania-based Muslim garrisons; King Æthelbald of Mercia overruns parts of Somerset and takes control from Wessex)


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