Another 8am start after a much better sleep.  Out into 7 degrees but the first bright blue morning sky since Monday.

Down the road past Arties to the Cepsa petrol station, turn round and back up the hill, through the town on the return leg.  No sign of the bears, must have been in their little hut waiting for the day to warm up a bit before emerging.  This route through the village must be quite a bit longer than the main road as I hit six while passing Gessa so was already well into my seventh k by the time I got back to the hotel.  A quick measured dash up towards Salardu saw the seven come up.

7km, 37:16.

737km remaining.

(Charles Martel and his Frankish forces see off the Muslims in southern France in battles at Avignon and Narbonne; Favila succeeds Pelagius as king of Asturias; Umayyads thwarted in the Caucasus and northern Afghanistan; Smallpox epidemic in Japan kills up to a third of the population)


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