Up three down three


An awful sleep possibly brought on by hamburger overload in the hotel restaurant last night.  A free buffet is a dangerous thing.

However up with the pavlovian eight-ay-em limit and out into what my weather app described as a four degree patchy but largely sunny morning (I think it was closer to ten, but still dashed chilly).  To run off those naughty hamburgers I ran up, up and up the road into the valley towards Baqueira.  Through Salardu and past the entrance to Tredos, twice round the switchbacks and up to three km from the hotel with a lovely view of the aforementioned Tredos nestled neatly in the valley below.

I didn’t take it easy on the descent and piled down while looking out for my knees.  Last two km were 4:15 and 4:12 respectively.

6km, 31:44.

744km remaining.

(Hildeprand the Useless (no really) succeeds, albeit and predictably briefly, Luitprand of the Lombard Kingdom which is at the height of its powers at this time; the border between Mercia and Powys is defined by the construction of Wat’s Dyke, a 40-mile earthwork; end of the third and final Tikal-Calakmul War between two of the Mayan superpowers)


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