Stretching bears


With no desire to repeat yesterday’s mad trip up to Baguergue (we drove up later in the day just to confirm how far it is), I went down to Arties again, this time taking the first exit off the main road through the valley that goes to the electricity plant and the upper part of the town.  Ran along past the plant to see if that road led anywhere but it started to switchback pretty quickly so I ran back through the village, past the stretching bears and over the river and out the other side to the roundabout.  Back up the main road towards Salardu and home.

Tried to keep up the pace a bit even on the uphill finish.  Very chilly this morning (11 degrees) but hoping for some more sun than yesterday.

6km, 30:10.

750km remaining.

(The Ghana and Pala (India) empires begin; Alfonso I of Asturias establishes the kingdom of Galicia; the Abbasids assume control of the Islamic world and establish their capital at Kufa (modern Iraq) after the Umayyad Dynasty is all but wiped out)


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