Cloudy start


Another early run in the Vall d’Aran after a fun-packed day yesterday including a trip up to the top of the ski slopes in Beret with stunning views of the valley and the surrounding mountains.  In the afternoon a bit of hi-jinx by the pool including an impromptu castellers practice session with the debut, albeit short-lived, of Sarah as enxaneta.  Alas Rebecca couldn’t find the phone in time to take a photo as evidence before she had to come down, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Out this morning down the hill to Gessa and into the town in the second entrance, round the houses at the bottom and then up the side of the town via the road you can see in the picture.  I had planned on zigzagging through but saw a huge black dog which I reasoned would either chase me or wake up the whole village so I avoided it instead.  Coward, I know.

Dry-heaving after the hill I ran along the footpath to Unha, with Salardu threatened by the low clouds to my left.


Through Unha and out the other end up a long, long, long path up to Baguergue.  I had no concept of how far it was and foolishly believed the sign saying “1.3km”.  I stopped the clock and walked up after the first km as I was whacked.  Eventually came out at the top of Baguergue just above the Hotel Seixes where we stayed a few years ago  on a skiing trip.  Awesome long descent from there back into Salardu and home.

6km, 33:58.

756km remaining.

(Xuan Zong abdicates the Chinese Tang throne after 44 years reign; Ibn Al-Muqaffa, Muslim writer and thinker, is tortured at Basra, having his limbs removed and being thrown into a burning oven; Byzantine-Bulgarian war in Europe)


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