Words can barely describe it.  Even watching the videos and looking through the hundreds of photos already on social media (what on earth did we do before smartphones) doesn’t do it justice.  Raw, tribal emotion.  A massive release of a potent mixture of pride, relief, sheer joy at having worked so, so hard for something and for it to finally all fall into place so unbelievably beautifully.

And the sweat.  Jesus, we were all as drenched as if we’d fallen off the ferry in the night.  Our wine-coloured shirts two shades darker and clinging to cooling shoulders.

But no matter, because our common cause, our colla, our town has been given a new status thanks to yesterday’s efforts.  I can’t imagine any activity causing so much sheer emotion to pour out of so many people simultaneously.

I remember standing in the square in Vilafranca almost 18 years ago and seeing the plethora of green shirts emerge from the constructed, but collapsed, first ever 3de10fm and wondering at the joy on all those faces, the certainty of being part of something truly great.  I get it now.

Yesterday’s 4de8 means a return, after 5 years of seven-ness, to ‘eight’ status for the Jove.  We’re not a big colla by any means but yesterday we proved to ourselves, to the town, and to the rest of the castellers world that we can work and achieve our goals, and do it in style.

Oh yeah and this morning I got up and went for a run!  To Can Robert and behind the station, past the Penya Espanyolista and round, a quick dive through Cap de la Vila (looking for all the world as if nothing special happened there yesterday), round past the train station, down to the Paseo and home through the Vinyet.

5km, 25:36.

808km left.

(Jewish merchants in Lombardy open the first bank; first Viking raids, by Danes on the Baltic coast)


Calm before the castles

Another legendary castellers practice last night, the Palau stacked to the rafters.  After a few false starts, a more convincing version of the 4de8 up to dosos was the highlight of the evening, but also good trials of the 7de7 and 5de7.   This evening promises to be a great one.

After a night dreaming of climbing up and down 4de8s, Sarah went out first this morning and showed that she’s getting fitter and more consistent with a 6k in exactly the same time as earlier in the week.

I followed her out and kept it to 5 as it’s melting hot already.  Brought up the 1200km for the year.

5km, 26:15.

813km remaining.

(Bulgarian Empire’s army under Krum (Viktor, I wonder?) defeat Michael’s Byzantine army at the Battle of Versinikia; Michael abdicates under conspiracy threats and his sons are all castrated to prevent them succeeding the throne; Baghdad school of Astromony opened by Al-Ma’mun)

Theatre of tomorrow’s dreams


The long-awaited actuacio is tomorrow.  The banner (one of them at least) is already up in Cap de la Vila.  A few times during the run I thought about how it will feel when the 4de8 is done, is ours – and caught myself grinning like a maniac while the sweat poured down my face (as it will be tomorrow too!).

Another lunchtime run through the hot hot town.  Up to the spike and along to the broken heart, along behind the fire station, through Plaza Catalunya and up past the pavelló.  Down the other side and along past the Mossos to circumnavigate the Meliá.  Along beside the tracks, down Jesús to Cap de la Vila, then down Bonaire to the Paseo, round to the mermaid and home up Av Sofia.

7km, 35:29.

818km remaining.

(The kingdom of Italy is reabsorbed into the Frankish Empire; Sambawa and Pyinsa kingdoms in Asia are founded; Rus’ Vikings (early Russians) plunder the north coast of Anatolia in the Byzantine Empire).


Ah yes a pool would be nice.  This is actually though referring to what is forming under my chair as I write this.  Yeuch!

A standard Paseo run this sunny steamy lunchtime, with a nice side-wind blowing gently off the beach to stop me overheating and enable me to keep up the pace a bit.

5km, 24:11.

825km remaining.

(Faroe Islands first populated, by Norwegian Vikings; teaching begins at Oxford; end of the Mercian domination of southern England)

Oh so nearly there

Awesome castellers practice yesterday.  The 4de8 on the pinya (up to dosos) was successfully descarregat, much to everyone’s joy, relief and aching limbs.  Still one practice to go before the Cap de la Vila performance on Saturday evening.

A late lunchtime run for me today, another 6.  Along Passeig de Vilanova and over the tracks to Can Pei, up behind Agnes de Sitges and along the path to Santa Barbera.  Down the hill past Pacha and back into Sitges to the Oasis and home.

6km, 32:14.

830km remaining.

(Ungrateful snark Pepin I of Aquitaine has his father Louis the Pious placed under house arrest; king Wiglaf of Mercia regains the throne from Wessex)

Buggy rustling


First stop on today’s excursion into the sunshine was a small trip down memory lane, pushing a baby buggy down Avenida Sofia to deliver to some friends in the Santa María (who’ve come on hols without theirs).  That job jobbed, and a small amount of press-ganging for the last couple of Jove practices before the assault on the 4de8 this Saturday, I set off for the run.

Along to the mermaid, up the steps to la Punta and past the Adjuntament and the Palau del Rei Moro.  Down to San Sebastian and up to the cemetery, round and back into town, Calle Jesús, through Cap de la Vila and down Parrelades to Pl Espanya (or whatever it’s called now).  Across Av Sofia again and along Av Vinyet to the church and back along past La Masia and home.

5km, 26:17.

836km remaining.

(Egbert of Wessex fails to stop the Danish Vikings at the battle of Carhampton (West Saxon North Devon & Somerset); Prince Sicard of Benevento signs a five-year armistice with the duchies of Sorrento, Naples and Amalfi; Pietro Tradonico is appointed Roman counsel and doge of Venice)


A stifling hot day in scorchio Sitges.  Lunchtime run/stagger through the Vinyet sidestreets (sticking, more or less, to a block away from the sea).  Out to the Paseo at the Terramar and back along to Av Sofia and home.  Slightly extended run due to sheer pigheadedness on my part and the prospect of some relief due to a bit of tailwind on the Paseo (if there was any relief I didn’t feel it).

6km, 30:55.

841km remaining.

(40,000 killed in the Battle of Fontenay as part of the civil war between the three surviving sons of Louis the Pious; Vikings sack Rouen; Dublin founded by Norwegian Vikings; Arabic forces take Brindisi from the Byzantine empire)