Neither remaining or returning

On Sunday evening I walked past this installation built into the wall of the underpass where the Singel ends and starts to approach the IJ.  It says “terugkomen is niet hetzelfde als blijven”, or “returning is not the same as remaining”.  It struck me at the time as monstrously ironic, when considered alongside the Brexit.  The UK has put itself into a position from where it can do neither.

Anyway.  To go with that irony, it was pouring down this morning (see yesterday’s comments about hardly having had to run in the rain).  I went over to the Singel and past the message, over the cycle bridge and under the tracks to the IJ.  Left and through the Palace of Justice (irony overload this morning) buildings and left again down Westerdok.  Back to Prinsengracht, down Tuinstraat and round onto Anjeliersstraat.

5km, 25:45.

975 km to go.

(World’s second oldest university, al-Azhar, founded in Cairo; England’s Edward the Martyr is crowned)


Marquee Moan

A rare rainy day.  Not being sarcastic – there haven’t been many days that I’ve been rained on.  No huge downpour, just a heavy drizzle.

Along the side streets to Brouwersgracht and through Haarlemmerplein to Westerpark.  Through to the car park at the Westergasfabriek and along the path by the train tracks.  My usual loop round the little lake no longer possible due to a huge marquee being constructed over half the open area, so I carried on to the next left turn off and ran back along Haarlemmerweg.

5km, 29:33.

980km remaining.
(The Dari dialect (early Persian) is developed; Trelleborg castle constructed in Denmark; Prince Bishopric of Liege is founded)



A much better sleep, helped along by watching the start of England’s soporific performance against Iceland in Euro 2016.  Not entirely ironically in these raw Brexit days, they were knocked out.  What is ironic is that the autocorrect tries to change “Brexit” to “Credit”.

No desire to get up as I was dreaming happily when the alarm brought me back to reality at 6.  A slow reboot and a slow run, made even longer by my taking the phone out to take a few pics.

Along the Keizersgracht as far as Reguliersgracht, a loop of Heren then back to K and home.

5km, 31:58.

985km remaining.
(Barcelona is sacked by Almanzor’s troops; Greenland colonised by Icelandic Viking Erik the Red; Wolverhampton founded by Lady Wulfrana)


A slightly delayed trip to Amsterdam and a subsequently late night didn’t lead to the heavenly sleep I had hoped for; awake and inexplicably anxious at 4.

Gave up the fight for sleep in the end and got up for the run, out into a greyish but already bright day.

Westerstraat, Nassaukade, Leidseplein, Marnixstraat, and back down Westerstraat while the 0530 chimes rang out.  Not an original route but felt good to be up and out, the body happy to be running and not tossing and turning in the vain hope of another ten minutes’ unrestful unconsciousness.

5km, 24:25.

990km to go.

(Construction of Cairo’s Al-Hakim mosque begins.  The (then Danish now Swedish) city of Lund is founded)


A long lazy evening yesterday with some friends, old and new.  This followed by a strangely compulsively direct football match (Portugal v Croatia) which I couldn’t quite drag myself away from.

A slow start this morning but a very chilled day – I went out into the already hot summer sun at about 10 sporting a running vest for the first time this year.  Rebecca’s reaction when I got back was “have you just been out running dressed like that?  Interesting.

Just a standard Sunday’s jog out to the Dolce security hut and back.

5km, 26:16.

995km to go.

(Byzantine emperor Basil II lifts his siege of Aleppo; Constantine III becomes king of Scotland (topical); Liao dynasty China send patent of investiture to the new Goryeo (to become Korea) king)

No looking back


The heat is here!  I stumbled out of the Vinyet side streets onto the Paseo and immediately changed my mind – the blast of sun seemed to fry me as I ran.

So lots of shade and pavements today.

6km, 31:30.
1000km to go.
(The Château de Goulaine vineyard founded; Córdoba is the largest city in the world; Hungary is founded)


I had hoped that today would be a double celebration – past the halfway point in the 2016km marathon, and the UK throwing out the idiotic Brexit option.

Alas, it’s not to be.  The British have voted OUT.

5km, 25:33.

1006km remaining.

(Duelling is declared illegal in Iceland; the brightest supernova ever recorded occurs in the constellation of Lupus; Mount Murapi erupts, covering Java with volcanic ash)