Nay nay and thrice neigh

Another bout of metaphorical dental surgery required to rouse me on this final day of the month.  More of a slow trot than a run, route decisions made on the hoof rather than up front.

Over to Keizersgracht, left to Brouwersgracht and along to Herengracht, Leliegracht and Singel through to Dam.  After chatting to a colleague yesterday about the new Nord-Zuid metro line (apparently promised for 2007) I thought I’d see how things were going on Rokin.  Still lots of roadworks but also plenty of progress; the entrances to the stations seem to be in place anyway so hopefully the new line will soon be under starter’s orders.

Cantered back via the canal ring, using the experience of 17 months since saddling myself with this challenge to work out that I needed to be on the Prinsengracht in order to make up the 5 before getting home.

Another warmish, dry and grey morning; while writing this however the blinkers have come off and it’s a nice sunny day.

5km, 27:25.

1146km left.
(Second crusade gets under way, giving the rich Christians of Europe a holy excuse to keep on massacring those Jews; Catalans and Genoans agree on trade benefits ahead of a joint attack on the Almohavids; city of Bryansk first mentioned)


Knees out

An unusually decent sleep for a return to Amsterdam, though getting up and ready still felt like pulling teeth this morning.  A heady 15 degrees got me into shorts but it it’s a bland, grey day.

Along Prinsengracht and right on Bloemgracht, out across the Nassaukade and up as if I was going to de Baarsjes but instead left onto Bilderdijkstraat then right into de Clerqstraat.

Round the X of waterways and past the wholesale market, Buysbrug, along to the Nassaukade again and home.

5km, 26:09
1151km remaining.
(Geoffrey of Anjou dies; first “plague and fire” insurance policy issued in Iceland; Bolton Abbey founded; Anping Bridge completed in China’s Fujian Province)


I should have been out at 6 this morning helping with the catifa de corpus, or flower carpet that the Jove de Sitges were preparing at la Devallada.  However last night was another late one and I knew that today we had a skating competition (thankfully local but still) for which Rebecca needed to be at the pavilion for 10, so this combined with the fact that it’s a travelling day meant something had to give.

In fact there was barely time for a run – leaving the children to their breakfast and dashing out while Sarah got the skating stuff organised.  Down Av Sofia to drop something off at Nick’s hotel then along the Paseo to the Terramar and home via Av Navarra and Passeig de Vilanova.

Very windy but also very warm – up to 25 degrees making it the hottest day of the year so far I think.

5km, 26:04.

1156 km remaining.

(Moscow is founded by Yuri Dolgorukiy; Hõgen Rebellion in Japan; the Carmelite order is established)


An early run to get rid of the taste of last night’s beers – a few quaffed in El Cable as my brother Nick arrived yesterday so a small about of catching up was done over some amber fluids.  An overcast day but quite warm.

Out along “Sarah’s” route – to La Masia, behind los Jardines del Terramar, past the golf course to the Dolce secuity hut and back the same way.  Sarah’s just been out after me and done the same.

5km, 26:05.

1161km remaining.

(Two Song dynasty victories in the Chinese Jin-Song wars; the Cross of Euphrosyne, commissioned by Saint Euphrosyne of Polotsk, is created by craftsman Lazar Bohsa. The cross later went missing during World War II and has not been recovered.)

I waved anyway


Coming up to the Terramar; a very familiar and welcome view

One of those days when you’re all ready to go and a last-minute problem holds you up; just about to lock my laptop when I heard a little tinkle meaning that I had a new message… 45 mins later I got to go out into another summery Sitges lunchtime.

Due to the delay I just did a standard Paseo run, no time for invention or a longer one.  On the way back and between tracks on my headphones I heard some cheering and turned to see a few lads standing on the balcony of one of the big Paseo houses.  Not sure if they were cheering me on but I looked round and saw nobody else and so, see title.

5km, 24:59.

1166km remaining.

(Henry II reforms English law and defines the legal duties of sheriffs in the enactment of the Assize of Clarendon; Tribhuvanāditya comes to power in the Khmer empire; the “best knight that ever lived”, William Marshal, is knighted)


Due to multiple approaching-end-of-term activities at school today I got to go for a quick lunch with Sarah, and we arranged to go running together after work.  Very nice too, along Passeig Vilanova and past the golf course to the Dolce security hut and back in the evening sunshine.

5km, 29:44.

1171km to go.
(Saladin abolishes the Fatimid Caliphate; Henry II invades Ireland, beginning eight centuries of conflict)

The new cannon


Not the name of a pub (though not a bad one if it were).  The famous Sitges cannon at the Baluard has recently been replaced as the old one was in a bad state.  Thought I’d get a pic of it to share with the gasping millions (that’s you).

A nice loop around the town on this summery day, the mercury reaching twenty degrees, which would be enough for the front page of the Sheffield Star.  Busy beaches and general alegria abounds.

Out through Parc Can Robert and behind the station up Flors, past the Penya Espanyolista and the Mossos and round the back of the Mélia to Aiguadolç.  Along past the yachts and up the other side, round the headland to the east end of San Sebastian and through the old town.  Down the steps to the Paseo, along as far as Kansas and home.

6km, 32:13.

1176km remaining.

(The Assassins attempt to murder Saladin at Aleppo; 3000 Christian Copts hanged around the city of Qift in Egypt as the Muslim ruler As Adil I suppresses a revolt; first recorded Eisteddfod held at Cardigan)