Busy busy

One of those “little time to run, no time to blog” days. A quick Paseo one early in the day.  Writing this while walking into town.

5km, 25:47

1311km left.

(Catalan Company conquers Duchy of Athens; Lincoln Cathedral is completed and takes the mantle of the world’s tallest building at 160m, beating the Great Pyramid of Giza that had held the record for the previous 5000 years or so)


Hat back on

Lovely sunny day after the dredgery of yesterday’s rain.  Celebrated with a nice extended Paseo run, down Av Sofia and along to the mermaid, all the way back to the Riera then back up Av Sofia and home.  700km completed in 120 days.

7km, 34:00.

700up! 1316km to go.

(Llywelyn Bren leads revolt against English rule in Wales; Pound Serling loses half its value with 100% inflation; over 5,000 are killed in the Second Battle of Athenry in Ireland)

A gap in the clouds

A wet day in Sitges.  I checked the weather app and found a gap in the rain early lunchtime (storms due this afternoon) which suited me fine.  A quick dash along an understandably almost-deserted Paseo and indeed I stayed dry.

5km, 24:40.

1323km to go.

(Flanders’ claim to Zeeland is relinquished in favour of Holland; earthquakes destroy the remains of the Lighthouse of Alexandria)

The king of cool

A nice quiet workday today.  Nobody about in the office in Amsterdam as it’s King’s Day, though I can imagine that a few of my colleagues are cursing the weather – I checked earlier and it was a measly 5 degrees!

Sitges seems to have come out in sympathy and after a bright start it clouded over and is chilly here too; so far the threatening skies haven’t opened though.  I ran along Passeig de Vilanova, round past the Terramar gardens and hotel, out to the Riera and back along the Paseo into a bit of a headwind.

5km, 24:50.

1328km remaining.

(After the Wars of Scottish Independence, England recognises Scotland as an independent nation; Munich’s Augustiner brewery is established)

No place like it

Back to Sitges last night.  Great to be home after a fab weekend in Sevilla.  All back to normal today – scraping children out of bed, school, work, lunchtime run along the Paseo.  Beautiful weather for running, bright sun with no wind and not too warm.

5km, 23:48.

1333km remaining.

(Great famines in Southern Europe and China; Isle of Man and Berwick-upon-Tweed revert from Scottish to English rule; the Arno floods causing massive damage in Florence)



Another morning run in Sevilla with Sarah on our last day here, this time with my phone camera alive after the previous night’s scare.  Out of Santa Cruz and along through los Jardines de Murillo, out to the Parque Maria Luisa and Plaza España.  More eye-candy follows.  It was more of a stumble thanks a run with both of us tired and stiff after yesterday’s birthday fun.












5km, 36:38.
1338km remaining.
(Ashikaga shogunate begins in Japan; Hundred Years’ War ongoing)

Birthday girl

Awesome dinner last night at Az-Zait.  My phone’s battery took a big hit while we navigated through the rabbit-warren streets of central Sevilla, and then my befuddled brain couldn’t remember the PIN number once it turned itself off.  Two of the three attempts wasted before sleep.  Uh-oh.

A much more pleasant run this morning with my lovely birthday girl, through the earlyish, sunny streets of Sevilla in the chilly pre-heat air.

Similar run to yesterday without the less salubrious parts.  We didn’t get lost and ran through the Murillo gardens, over to Parque Maria Luisa and then round Plaza España, working backwards through the alphabet of Spain’s provincias, with a little kiss on Sitges in the Barcelona one.

The PIN came to me at the end of the run and we were saved from a day of looking for a phone shop.  Phew!

6km, 36:38.

1343km left.
(Four Estonian kings murdered in the St George’s Night Uprising; Amalfi devastated by a tsunami)