I’m getting a bit bored of the daily blogs, I think these are going to stop quite soon!  At last!, I hear you shout.

Today – normal paseo run, very nice weather.

5km, 24:30.

End of third month of 2016km4aruk.

1474km to go.

(Venetian Patent Statute is the first modern patent system; Enrique IV of Castile dies, starting a civil war eventually won by Isabella; Treaty of Utrecht ends the Anglo-Hanseatic War)




Back to castellers practice last night and that surreal and lovely semi-floating feeling when the last guy contributing to the 150 or so kilos on your shoulders climbs down.

Chillier setting off today along Passeig de Vilanova and over the tracks, and as I climbed up behind Can Pei and along the path to Santa Barbera (photo actually shows from where I came, not the view facing forward) it was clear why – low, low cloud, almost like a huge sea-fret, over the town this lunchtime.  Down the long descent past Vallpineda to Oasis and back along the main road.

6km, 29:26.

1479km to go.

(Ferdinand II ascends to the throne of Aragon and rules over most of the peninsula with wife Isabella of Castilla; Christopher Columbus, on marrying, receives a dowry of navigational charts; 10,000 Turks left dead after the Kingdom of Hungary defeats the Ottomans in the Battle of Breadfield in Transylvania)

Pick a card

Bit of a shambles today to be honest.  I had to get some cash out so I ran down Av Sofia, found a small queue at the cashpoint there so went along to the church, slapped the mermaid and ran up to my second choice on Calle Major.  Stopped the clock, dug my card out of my pocket only to find it was the wrong one – exactly THE card behind which I’m pretty sure there isn’t a rubber bean to be had just at the moment.  Tsh.

Dashed off back to the Paseo and heading along past Kansas I wondered why the distance wasn’t what I expected.  Of course I hadn’t started the clock again on leaving the bank, grrrrrrrrrr.  Clicked it back on and started going through all kinds of ‘how shall I work out how far I need to go now’ type shenigans in my head – of course I’ve run that same route (albeit without the small bank detour) a hundred times or more so that was no problem, so I’d have to work out the elapsed time… after a couple of minutes of this type of nonsense I realised that I was probably talking about around 5 or 6 hundred metres of untimed running and it wasn’t going to kill me to make it up by running all the way to the Terramar instead of running round the bus stop as I usually do if I’ve run to the mermaid and back.  So I did that.

Finally I misjudged the speed of the motorbike approaching me on Passeig de Vilanova and had to sprint over to dodge it when I realised that I probably shouldn’t have stepped out – rounding off a bit of an error-strewn run.

Lovely to be back in Sitges though and it’s warm, only slightly cloudy and generally pretty fab.

5km, 24:26.

1485km to go.

(Battle of Bosworth – Henry Tudor becomes Henry VII after his army leaves Richard III dead on the battlefield; Leonardo da Vinci starts creating designs for flying machines (including a probably unworkable early helicopter); first outbreak of sweating sickness in England)

Soggy Spidermen

Woke up to a drizzly and colder than ever CLS after a pretty vile Easter Sunday yesterday.  Sarah wisely decided to give the run a miss so I went out alone into the yuk.

Couldn’t even face the 6km Picktree route so I just went to Birtley and back.  Saw two souls more miserable than me; Spiderman-clad advertising placard bearers, hopefully well wrapped up under the red and blue costumes.

5km, 25:51.

1490km to go.
(Anne, queen of Brittany, announces that anyone becoming allied with the king of France will be guilty of Lèse-majesté; Leonardo da Vinci observes capillary action and develops an oil lamp; bronze movable type, although already innovated in Korea, is independently invented in China)

Brass bunnies

Great excitement this morning, small chocolate eggs hidden all over the house by Rebecca for the rest of us to find.  Lots of hilarity with people getting hot/cold and everything in between just by standing still.

We went out earlyish into a bright day but in fact it’s cold and windy, much more so than the last couple of days.

A stalled lorry at the lights at the top of Blind Lane sent us down the road instead of across, and in fact we did the usual route in reverse, up the long climb to Picktree and Rickleton then down the other side of the roundabout to Barley Mow and the long straight back to CLS.

6km, 36:56.

1495km to go.
(Irish parliament comes under the authority of the English; First known batch of Scotch whisky; King’s College, Aberdeen becomes the first English-speaking university to teach medicine)


Today we reverted to the old route for the morning run.  Quite bright when we set off; cold, very windy and the sky darkening menacingly by the time we dropped down to the motorway roundabout before the uphill of Blind Lane.

Daffodils stoically prodding up around the roundabout near Rickleton.  Very Eastery.

6km, 36:30.

1501km remain.

(Catherine of Aragon marries Henry’s big brother Authur, Prince of Wales (he dies 6 months later aged 15); Muslims driven out of the Alpajarras in Andalucia; Ascension island discovered)

Dodging breadcrumbs

Arrived in England late last night to spend Easter weekend at Sarah’s mum’s house.  A late start in a bright and sunny Good Friday morning, Sarah running with me.

We skipped the standard run which saw us through the Christmas days here at the end of last year and instead headed down to the park, weaving our way through ducks, swans and families out feeding them.

5km, 30:10.

1507km remaining.

(First world map showing the Americas as a separate continent; Timurid dynasty ends; Guru Nanak Dev becomes first leader of the Sikh religion)