Back to the working week, and the last day of an elongated February.  I’ve knocked 172km off the total this month which is a sliver off 6km a day, so that’s gratifying too.

A good lunchtime workout.  Down to Passeig Vilanova, along to Av Sofia, up to the spike and then right to the broken heart, up to Santa Barbera and down the Can Pei path to Maria Osso, over the tracks and home past La Masia.  A windy but warm and largely sunny day so far.

6km, 29:15.

1644km remaining.

(English Civil War ongoing; last Ming dynasty emporer commits suicide after a popular rebellion sacks Beijing; Qing rule begins; Portuguese Restoration war ongoing)


Cava’s coming home

Another lovely castellers practice yesterday afternoon, in fact marking the last one in Benapres before we return to the Palau del Rei Moro on Friday evening.  I was lucky to get another chance to try out a pilar de tres with Rebecca as enxaneta.

This morning we were off to Sant Sadurni for a hockey match.  As any cava-lover knows (and, let’s face it, what’s not to love), ALL the cava houses are in this understated little town.  Alas also the main sport of the town is roller hockey so the chances of getting away without a serious thrashing were slight.  And so, reader, it came to pass.

Back in Sitges I went for my run while washing and homework got under way.  Along to the Dolce security hut and up the first hill.  I didn’t want to do a “full Dolce” so just turned up the little road to the right to make it a bit more of a workout and then straight back the same way.

5km, 24:01.

1650km remaining.

(Battle of Dunbar in the third English civil war; The New Model Army beaten at the Siege of Clonmel; Istanbul becomes the largest city in the world, taking over from Beijing)

Very heavy

I did a blog last year about the first time I had lots of people on top of me at castellers practice – yesterday I repeated that experience, twice.  Blimey, it’s a lot of skin, bone, teeth, muscle and whatever else we’re made of to pile up on somebody.  Exhilarating too.

The night brought mad rainstorms and this morning is changeable.  It was dull the whole time I was running, started raining as I got home and is sunny as I type.

Along Passeig Vilanova to La Masia, down Av Navarra, up Casacuberta and round past the Jardines del Terramar, out to the Golf and back along the Paseo.

5km, 24:11.

1655km to go.

(Huygens discovers Titan, Saturn’s largest moon; Amsterdam town hall (now the royal palace is inaugurated; Oliver Comwell divides England into 11 districts and bans Anglicans; Peter Stuyvesant’s New Netherland colonial army defeats New Sweden (Delaware))


I had intended to do a nice longish run this lunchtime, but as often happens I got caught up in work and by the time I went I was too hungry and out of energy (not to mention time) to conjure up a biggie.

Quite a chilly day but two shirts was, in the end, overkill and I was pretty hot while sauntering up the Paseo.  A bog standard 5k along the seafront, lovely to be back by the sea without having to worry about black ice!

5km, 24:50.

1660km to go.

(Samuel Pepys begins his diary, and later in the year has his first cup of tea; Charles II is crowned, marking the start of the Restoration of the English monarchy; The Royal Society is founded; The ten regicides who signed Charles I’s death warrant are hanged, drawn and quartered)

Slip slidin’ away

Although the weather app promised “+1” this morning, it felt much colder than yesterday and – probably due to where I ran – there was much more groundfrost.

Along to the Brouwersgracht, left then right over the first bridge (slippery), straight over Haarlemmerstraat and the main road and under the tracks to run up the street parallel to Westerdok (Grote Bickersstraat if you’re interested); over a few more foot- and swing bridges in this bit which were all very frosty too.

Out to the IJ and immediately decided against running along the sea wall; the whole ground surface here glistened with the promise of limbs a-broken.  So instead I ran down Westerdok, left at the end then right along to the back of CS.  I took my first journey through the new bike and pedestrian tunnel that opened late last year – a lovely little bit of construction with ventilation on one side (round the bike path) and tiles on the walking (running) side.

Out and over Prins Hendrikkade to the Singel, round Stromarkt and Koggestraat and along Blauburgwal.  Left and right at the Prinsengracht to go up Tuinstraat to the second “dwarsstraat” and home down Westerstraat.

Very, very chilly.
5km, 26:37.

1665km to go.
(Great Plague of London begins, eventually killing around 100,000; Carlos II becomes king of Spain at 3 years old; Second Anglo-Dutch war begins)


“-1, snow/hail” is not the greeting from my phone’s weather app I was hoping for once my eyes had finally rediscovered their ability to focus this morning.

In fact it stayed dry for the run, though as I crossed the Nassaukade on a wooden bridge, somebody started playing alternate notes on the xylophone and my feet struggled to find purchase on the frosty surface.  Up until then I didn’t think that it felt as cold as all that, but then again I’d gift-wrapped myselft in three layers for that very reason.

Up Westerstraat, past the Marnixbad and onto Nassaukade, along to Haarlemmerweg and out westward.  I had intended to go right into Westerpark but on a whim kept going (wary of more ice in the park) and eventually took the left instead down Vredenhofweg past the legendary tile shop Meester Smeets, the source of anything remotely ceramic in the apartment.  Advertising break over.

Through the streets to Van Haalstraat, right and (gingerly) over the swingbridge back to Nassaukade and home down Westerstraat.

5km, 25:57.

1670km remaining.
(Highwayman Claude Duval executed at Tyburn; Charles II and Louis XIV sign Secret Treaty of Dover ending (hmmm) hostilities between England and France; Spanish frigates attack Charleston SC; Plans for Les Invalides hospital in Paris authorised)

Corporal punishment

Away from home for a few days, it’s always tempting to hit the take away or the supermarket ready meals.  Last night I cooked for myself (it’ll last three days) but with the unfortunate side effect that while preparing the meal I was hungry and so the Hema jelly beans got quite a thrashing.  Hopefully this morning I’ve compensated.

Up and out into an almost freezing but dry day.  Down Anjeliersstraat and left onto Lijnbaansgracht, all the way along over Leidsegracht and past the Melkweg to Leidseplein, where I decided that I should probably do an extra k to help assuage last night’s sugarfest.  So continued along the other side of the Lijnbaansgracht to the Rijksmuseum, out onto Weteringschans to the end of Vijzelstraat and the Heineken Museum.  Left and all the way down to Muntplein and continued onto Rokin to Dam.

Round the back of the palace and down Spuistraat to the end, round onto the Singel and through the old warehouses before crossing over at Blauburgwal.  Shortly after here the watch chimed 6km and it was too far to walk home, so I took a left on Keizersgracht, round to the Westerkerk and Anne’s old gaff and home along the Prinsengracht.

Felt great to be running, which also helped with the extra distance.

7km, 35:32.

1675km left.
(Leibniz uses calculus on a function; van Leeuwenhoek begins to use a microscope to study human tissues and liquids; a year of wars and truces and more wars between the British and the native Americans)