Witch way to terrrrrooooorrrrr

On getting home yesterday we then all got washed and changed and then Sarah and I took a couple of tired little skeletons up to be the very last guests at the Hallowe’en party in Vallpineda.

Usual Saturday malarchy this morning but with nothing in the afternoon I didn’t try to cram the run into the small gap between activity dropping offs and picking ups.  The day’s logistics dictated that I left the car at the cleaner’s this afternoon and did the run from Pins Bens.  Ran along to the pavello and past it to the roundabout, down the hill towards the Penya but left before Carretera de las Costas onto Lluis Companys, round Francesc Macia and then left and left towards Carrefour and the mossos, out to the Hotel Melia.  Along the coast path past the cemetery to San Sebastian, up to church, down the steps, along the paseo towards the Benapres statue, turned round and home.

Passed a few witches on my run, a couple out walking and one even on a motor scooter. No doubt on their way to Cauldrons R Us for the latest bah!gains.

5.2km, 25:24.


We’re wolves


Very strange to not run during a normal work day.  As I mentioned yesterday, this evening is the 3rd Nits de la Lluna Plena (full moon) 5k run in Sitges.  The proceeds go to child cancer treatment at St Joan de Dios in Barcelona and it’s quickly become a big feature on the Sitges events calendar.

This evening – as before – we’ve all taken part, though I ran on ahead and left the family and friends to sort themselves out and work out who’s running with whom.

It was a lovely run aided by my new head torch – great for the blacked out Paseo but essential for the rocky terrain on the last cross country part.  Like a drongo though I forgot to turn the watch on at the start so missed the first hundred metres or so.  Still timed over 5km though so didn’t have to overshoot at the end!  I think I came pretty close to the front – maybe top 15? – impossible to tell but I didn’t see more than 10 or so before me at the end.

Now we have to go and get ourselves cleaned up and presentable enough for an early Halloween party in Vallpineda.  No rest for the truly (cue cackling and reverb) eeeeeevil.

5.02km, 21:55.

Ice pick

Ouchie ouchie ouchie.

I’ve had a maddening headache all morning – I guess the paracetamol I took earlier has numbed it a bit but if so I wouldn’t like to be still feeling the full effects of it as it still bloody kills.

Got tired of waiting for it to abate before going out for the run so in the obscure hope that it might help, I went out about 1315.  Obviously it didn’t affect my legs as the time was pretty good, but still felt generally quite fragile and uncomfortable, especially when mopping my brow – felt more like applying a pneumatic drill to my forehead than getting gentle relief from the sweat.

Ran along Passeig de Vilanova to the top of Av Navarra, all the way down to the Terramar.  Along to the patos (didn’t even think to check how they were doing) and back along the paseo to Kansas and home.

There’ll be no update during the day tomorrow as we’re doing the Sitges Lluna Plena (full moon) run, which is (duh) at nighttime.

5km, 23:59.

Hail Caesar, or César

Another gorgeous Sitges lunchtime run, no rush but a visit to the cashpoint required so I went down Av Sofia to the Caixa next to the hotels down there.  Had to wait a minute or two but was soon off running along a breezy and sunny paseo.  Saw our mate César who was strolling towards town and gave me a wave.  Runners love getting waved to – it’s part of what makes the Great North Run enjoyable despite the hellish course – the sheer quantity of people willing to come out of their houses and salute an incessant stream of total strangers.

Thusly fuelled with good will, I dashed to the patos and ran back along and was just in time to catch another wave off César as I passed him at Kansas.

5.5km, 28:36 (three or so minutes of which cashpoint-related!)


One of the last big milestones of the year today; day THREE HUNDRED of #5kaday4aruk.

I was up and out shortly before my alarm so I could do the run and leave a busy day to come clear of sweat and exertion.  A moist but mild morning – it’s been raining in the night but just the heavy clouds out to sea left to show for it.

Down Av Sofia, along to the mermaid and back along the seafront to the Terramar bus stop.  I did a video diary which is uploading as we speak so that Paul at ARUK can work his magic and hopefully get it out on YouTube later on.

Great to have reached 300 days.  Just over 1650 km which is here to Amsterdam and beyond, as Buzz Lightyear might have said.

5km, 25:29.

Two. Nine. Nine.

Back to the weekday Sitges runs after yesterday’s novelty cross-country romp around the Ribes hinterland.  I went out at lunchtime into a warm sunny day, immediately regretting just lazily snatching yesterday’s black t-shirt off the line as the sun beat into it.  A bit of a headwind on the return leg from seeing a few perky patos at the riera on a bog standard but very pleasant run.

Kept the pace up without exerting myself too much and had a good work out.  Nothing else to report really – waved to a neighbour and to Roger from the colla who was out on his bike, apart from that I ticked off the last of the “two hundred and something” runs and after a quick shower got straight back to the coal face.

5km, 23:56.

Diada de la Colla / 10k rural de Ribes



Yesterday evening was the last performance of the year for the Jove de Sitges in Cap de le Vila.  We were joined by the legendary Castellers de Vilafranca and the also-awesome troupe from Vila de Gracia.  Great castells de 7 from us and amazing 9s and 8s from the others.

This morning we have just done the 10k version of the media maraton rural in St Pere.  Lovely, low-publicity event organized partly by some friends from the Jove colla, starting from the castle in St Pere which is where I’m sitting now having a rather early beer and butifarra while S has a post-run massage.

Rural was definitely the right word.  Hardly any of the run apart from the inicial part through the town was on asphalt – mostly rock, dirt, fields or mud.  Sarah suffered quite a bit from her continuing hip and leg troubles but we stayed together and just about kept running.  Some of it raised our eyebrows on a long running “health and safety” in-joke – slippery 5m drop-off to the left while running along a 30cm wide track.  No problem to runners of our calibre of course.  We passed the back of the local hospital at one point and Sarah was tempted to pop in for a quick x-ray.

All good though and we got there in the end to a lovely welcome from the children who’d stayed in the castle to wait for us.

10.2km, 67:00.