Thora of the months

Yet another early run and done for the day, and in fact for the first four months.  Was looking a bit touch and go at the start of this one with my awful yet ultimately imaginary tendon tear, but I struggled through and tomorrow go into month five.

I incorporated a cheeky trip to the bank into today’s run so logistics also taken care of; except that I just got an SMS telling me that our car’s repair is done so I need to go out and pick it up now.

Went down Av Sofia to the Calipolis (and bank next door), along to La Punta, up the steps and through past Palau Maricel to San Sebastian beach, along and up the other side past the cemetery and to the Melia.  Round the hotel and back towards town beside the train line and past Barrachina, down Calles Jesús and Parellades past the Sitgetans all starting the business of the day, mostly with a coffee.  Out at Plaza España, under c/Vilanova to the top of Av Sofia and home.

5.1km, 25:44


Fine-weather tailwaggers

A chilly overcast morning in Sitges, not a bad day for a run.  Another early one so that it’s done and out of the way for another day.

I noticed today that none of yesterday’s leisurely beach doggers (hyuk hyuk) were out today – I think I saw just one guy walking his dog.  Do they only get to go out if it’s sunny?  Seems a bit harsh.

Down to the Calipolis, along to la Punta, slap the mermaid’s wall, back along to the side street before the Terramar, through the Vinyet to la Masia and a good fast finish all the way along C/Vilanova.

5.11km, 24:44


Early run as soon as the family had left for the day, a beautiful Sitges morning down at the Paseo with a few other runners, not a cloud and the bright morning sun doin’ it’s glistening ‘n’ shimmering thang on the gently lapping Med.

Running back towards town and seeing lots of dog walkers on the beach triggered some dogging-related guffaws at the memory of watching Peter Kay’s “Car Share” last night.  If you haven’t seen it, do.

Down to Kansas, along to the patos, back and up a couple of blocks early to run through the Vinyet to La Granja, round the block and home.  Kept up a decent running-on-empty pace and totally ravenous now.

5km, 23:54.

King’s Day sprinklers

In the Netherlands today they’re celebrating the second King’s Day (koningsdag).  I used to love Queen’s Day (April 30th, until Beatrix abdicated a couple of years ago) – the first couple I was at in the mid-90s were great fun with an all-night-and-day party from the night before to the evening of the 30th.  In the years after that it got a bit more controlled and after the third one (for me) I think that the novelty had well and truly worn off.  This year of course I’m in Sitges so am enjoying a peaceful work day and getting loads done while the rest of my team are gallivanting in Old Amsterdam.

In honour of the Dutch king and that nation’s general wizardry with water management (perhaps) they’ve started installing sprinklers on the grass verges beside the Paseo.  I suspect that this has a secondary purpose to stop people lying or playing on the grass there (ist verboten) but come the summer – assuming the sprinklers are still turned on – they’ll be a huge attraction to people looking to cool off after a day’s cooking at Gas Mark Sun on the beach.

Actually come to think of it, they may have been there for years and I never noticed, and they were on today because they’re being serviced.  Thinking about it a bit more, they almost certainly only turn them on at night anyway so the above paragraph can be torn up and used to pick up your dog’s leavings, assuming that (a) you have a dog and (b) you’ve been prescient enough to print this out and finally (c) you’re not like the idiots who walk their dogs outside my front gate and leave their hounds’ crap for someone else to walk in.

Model T Ford of a run, down Av Sofia to the Calipolis, along to the patos, back to Kansas and home.  Mental headwind coming along to the Terramar and Golf and a welcome hand in my back on the return leg.

5.21km, 25:46.

Another weekend please

Sunday evening and dying for a beer, been a completely full-on weekend that has left us all a bit pooped.  Lots of activities, practices, a birthday party, a hockey match, first installment of the Interclubs skating competition and even a prizegiving (Rebecca won 1st prize in her year for her picture in a peace-inspired drawing competition through all the schools in Sitges – so we went to the Escorxador at midday for the lovely ceremony and to be presented with her certificate, prize book and most importantly, a bar of CHOCOLATE!).  Not to be outdone, Alexander won his first fencing match since he started that noble art during his practice on Saturday morning so a very happy Puss In Boots.

We went for lunch at the Chinese in St Pere after the prize giving and the only thing that you can do after that kinda feast is have a siesta so I eventually went for my rather dopey run about 18:00.

Along C/Vilanova to the train bridge, left into the Vinyet, round past the Terramar park and hotel to see the patos (or more accurately, pato, dunno where his mates were), back along the Paseo and home.

All homework now done and kids ready for bed.  Now where’s that beer?

5km, 25:31

Not big, not clever

I think that today was the first (and let’s hope the last) hungover run.

Last night’s celebrations for Sarah’s birthday got me to bed about 1 or so, a great night and the cava and champagne flowed, quite a bit of it down my neck.

Another busy one today with another party this afternoon (this time a kiddies birthday so hopefully won’t have too much to drink!).

I now have about 10 minutes to do at least 25 minutes’ worth of getting ready so – down to the Paseo, to the patos and back via the Ermita.  It had been raining in the night so mercifully cool for this weary head.

5km, 25:34.

Altered Images

Another landmark in the year as it whizzes by under my feet.  Sarah’s birthday follows hot on the heels of Rebecca’s and this time I was around to see it.  I even found the cards that Sarah’s mum had put into my care last week and forgave myself for not remembering where I’d put them – we bought Rebecca a new folder for her drawings while in Amsterdam and I’d shoved them in there with other papers while packing to come back to Sitges.  As soon as I saw it I knew that’s where they were.  Phew.

A ferociously dull story I know but it is here for a reason – once you’re exposed to the horrors of Alzheimer’s, every mislaid shirt, phone or birthday card sends a small warning ping to the back of your mind and you think “oh shit, is this how it starts?”.

Anyway a lovely chaotic morning of drawing pictures, helping Mummy open her presents, breakfasting and then by some time-travelling fluke somehow getting out the door more or less in time for school.  All this meant that I didn’t get chance to go running early so have just been (at about 12:30).  A really warm and sunny spring day in Sitges, lots of people about and quite a few on the beach.

Down Av Sofia, a bit of a southerly headwind while running along to the patos (one family clocked going for a stroll on the rocks) but then no such problems running back.

5.25km, 25:01.